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There are three passions in my life: Massage, Tantra and Mountaineering


Since 2017 I do not make massage appointments anymore.
I was an experienced and professional masseur and you was very welcome on my massage table. My massages are Swedish and most of the time I facilitate a full body massage. We make a trip along your body. I start with the back side of your body, your neck and shoulders and your back. Then I massage your butt, the back of your legs and your feet. Then you can turn around yourself and I massage the front side of your legs, your arms and hands, your breast and belly and I finish with your head. This massage is not sexual; I do not touch your genitals.
This massage takes about an hour and 15 minutes and the price is € 45,-
For massage appointments you can either call +31 302722343 or sent an e-mail to . I prefer a phone call.
You are very welcome if you do not speak Dutch. Language will be no issue.


For me, tantra is an important source of in­spiration. From 2003 until 2015 I have led a tantra weekend retreat for gay men, mostly in March and October. With the October 2015 workshop I have closed the organizing of tantra weekend retreats.
In my tantra workshops the main language will be Dutch. When you like to join it is important that you understand the Dutch language well. For tantra small nuances and just the right word is important to express yourself. And I think that small nuances get lost during translations. Translating everything during a workshop is also very time consuming. If you knowledge of the Dutch language is good but you are not very fluent you are welcome and we are happy to listen to your English or German.


I have a passion for the mountains which has gone a little bit out of hand. I have been a rock climbing instructor as well as an alpine trekking tour leader and my activities were mainly for the Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Club (NKBV). Incidentally I have organized climbing weekends in Belgium. Sometimes I lead a hiking tour specially for gay men. In 2009 I have led a trekking in the Raetikon area in Austria. For several men this hike was very challenging!
In 2005 a dream came true. I did a trekking in the Himalaya and frequently I glanced the Mount Everest. In 2010 I visited Nepal and the Himalaya again.
If you are interested and want to get more information, please e mail me.


Thank you for reading!